Are you a woman that loves photography?

Have you had one (or all) of these thoughts?…

“I wish there was a place online where photographers could not only gain inspiration, but could be supported, encouraged, and appreciated”.

“I’ve tried personal photography projects before, but I need other people to keep me motivated or I’ll quit”.

“I wish photography was something that I could do with my children, but I’m just not sure how to get them interested”.

If so, Club Shutterbug is your answer!  So, join the club!

We can’t wait to meet you.

Hi! I’m Jen Kashak (pronounced “K-shack”), your fearless leader and personal cheerleader. Photography and spreading kindness makes me happy. I believe that all women are beautiful and amazing. I believe that the ability to be happy lies more in our mindset than in anything else. I believe that being a woman is hard, and that we need to support and encourage each other.

I want to help women to make themselves and their passions a priority. I’m so glad you’re here! To find out more about me, go HERE.

This is all included when you become a member!

Thankful Heart Project

A project 52 that has two parts. The first is to take and share one photo a week of something that you are thankful for, based on a theme provided. The second is to write and send a thank you note to someone in your life each week and take a photo to document it. The purpose of this project is to help us see all the good that is already in our lives. We will cultivate a spirit of gratitude, spread some joy and appreciation to others, and learn to live with a thankful heart.

Fun Downloads

Photography related activities for children, including mazes, crossword puzzles, word scrambles, and word searches.

The ME Project

A monthly project in which we will take and share at least one self portrait a month, based on a theme. The purpose of this project is to get women to become more comfortable getting in the frame. It will help us realize that we matter, and that our families deserve to have photos with us in them.

Private Facebook Group

Within 24 hours of joining Club Shutterbug, you will be added to a private Facebook group, where you will have the opportunity to post photos, chat and get support from the other awesome members.

30 Day Projects

These will have a daily photo prompt for each day of the month. They can be completed on your own, with a friend, in a group, or together with your children. You can do one each month, or just pick and choose the ones that interest you.

Scavenger Hunts

A fun way to get your children interested in photography, an activity to keep them active and creative, or just a great way to keep them occupied while you’re out! Each one will include 12 or 16 items to find and photograph, and will include words and graphics, so that even small children who are not reading yet can participate.

What our members are saying...

“An amazing group full of positivity, encouragement, and kindness.  It has challenged me on many levels and has helped me to be comfortable not only in front of the camera, but with myself.  Now I take self portraits even when it’s not for this project and have captured some amazing memories!”  Kortney Fox @kfoxphotos


“This is the best place on the internet.  Support, growth, and inspiration are what it’s all about”.  Briar Marie @briar.marie


“I’m a mom of four, and I’m constantly taking pictures of them.  The ME Project helped me realize that I was worth documenting too”.  MacKenzie Gilliam  @sweetbundleofbees


“This is such a loving, happy place.  I love seeing everyone’s ideas and submissions each week”.  Tausha Coates @taushas_photography


“I love how a project called “ME”, is the most supportive, unselfish place on Facebook”.  Jennifer L. Bruce @somerleyb


“I love this group… some great people and great talent”.  Diana Sherblom @dianatakesphotos


“Thank you for your dedication to this project.  Seriously, I have the courage to be in the frame!  I wouldn’t have done it before without your dedication and the support from my talented virtual friends here”.  Sofia Di Trapani @sofiaditrapaniphotography


“Thank you for starting this group.  What a great group of gals out here!  Love being a part of this family!”  Manjula Majeti @manjula_urbanhuesphotography


“In reflecting about The ME Project, I looked back at all my self portraits and realized that I had a really wonderful, varied collection of images of myself.  I started the project just to be in some pictures with my kids, but it has turned into so much more”.  Elena Pendell @elenakatheryn


” I wanted to do the self-portraits for this project because I wanted to stay grounded in work that was completely for myself as I took on more client work and because I really liked the idea of the themes — I had not done that yet with photography; it’s challenging. Most of all, I want to be sure my family has images of me too — the good, the bad, and the ugly. It doesn’t really matter if the images are flattering or perfect or even nice. What matters is that they exist. They tell a story. And the story is where the value is”.


Featured Photos

Photo credits:  Top left to right, row 1: Emily Ingalls, Cai Vail, Trish Reschly, Eboni Rivera.  row 2: Adriana Meixner, Tina Huba, Regina Leah, Jenny Parker.  row 3: Jessica Mcdonold, Kianna Reed, Shelby Hobbs, Aubrey Dettmer   row 4: Joy Butler, Lynette Davis, Paola Valli, Delissa McWilliams  row 5: Jen Ostler, Kristina Forbes , Tasha Marie, Sara Lowing-Wright