About ME

Hi!  I’m Jen.  I’m an only child, who married an only child, and we have an only child.  Sometimes I dream of being a part of a crazy and chaotic big family, but I adore my little family and we’re happy.  There’s my laid back, hard working graphic designer husband who is more talented than he realizes.  We met online, dated for two years, and got married in a gazebo overlooking the ocean in Jamaica.  I started to fall for him when I read this line he wrote in the first message he ever sent me… “We have similar hopes and dreams, plans and schemes… only you’re much cuter”.  Fun fact: We’ve watched every single episode of Survivor together!

There’s my smart, sweet, fearless and constantly in motion 10 year old son, whose freckles I adore and who laughs loudly and with gusto.  Right now, he loves legos, Minecraft, Pokemon, reading comics, and flipping those darn water bottles!  He has his own Youtube channel and wishes it would make him famous.  He sees life as an adventure and is constantly planning his next scheme…. Hmmm… like mother, like son?!

Then, there’s me.  I’m a dreamer, a list maker, a hair twirler, a sun worshipper, a natural light enthusiast, and a former teacher and nanny.  I can juggle.  I went to 4 different colleges and never took a photography class at any of them.  I’ve shot a gun, rode a jetski, performed improv, went parasailing, held a snake, and went to Europe for 2 weeks with reservations for only the first night. I love going new places and trying new things, and I’m constantly planning what the three of us will do next!