About The ME Project

The ME Project began in January 2016.  In May 2015, I volunteered to take free photos of mothers and their daughters at a school event.  When only four mothers came over with their sweet girls, and I heard the reasons why that number was so small (“I look terrible”, I hate the way I look in pictures”, “I’m too fat”) the idea for The ME Project was planted.

It wasn’t until December of that year, when I was looking for a photo to use for our Christmas card with ME in it and came up empty, that I decided to push forward with the idea.  I needed to get in the frame, and I wanted to convince as many other women as possible that they needed to do it too.  For the past year, women from all over the world, from all walks of life,  have come together in this one simple, but powerful goal:  capturing photos with us in them.  In doing so, many other things have happened as a result…

We have learned that a group of women encouraging and supporting each other is a very powerful thing.  We have developed more self confidence, and have become more comfortable in our own skin.  We have started to learn to accept the things we perceive as flaws, and to realize that it is ultimately our inner beauty that is most important anyway.  We have learned to put ourselves and our passions and interests on the priority list.  We have realized that we (and the things in our life) don’t need to be perfect to be worthy of being captured in a photo.  We have learned that we are enough.

To find out more about The ME Project, and see the featured photos from January – December 2016, go HERE.

**In the past, The ME Project was a Project 52, in which we took one self portrait a week for a year.  This year, it has changed to a monthly project.  A theme will be given at the beginning of each month, (in the private Facebook group), and members will be able to post up to four self portraits a month that go with that theme.  Photos will be periodically chosen to be featured on the Club Shutterbug Instagram page, Facebook page, and blog.**