About the Thankful Heart Project

My mom is the thank you note queen.  She has been known to send a thank you note for a thank you note!  I sometimes tease her about the time and painstaking care she puts into it, but do you know what?  Everyone loves my mom.  People are always telling me how nice and sweet she is.

Do you know something else about my mom?  If you ask her what she wants or needs, she will have a hard time thinking of anything.  She is happy with what she has.  She lives with a thankful heart.  I don’t think I inherited that trait from her.  I’m restless.  I’m always searching for something, wishing I had more… friends, money, nicer clothes, opportunities to travel, etc.

This project is to help me and all of you to be happy and appreciative of what we have.

“When you love what you have, you have everything you need”.



**The Thankful Heart Project is a project 52 that has 2 parts:

  1. We will take one photo of something, or someone that we are thankful for each week, based on the theme provided in the private Facebook group, (which you gain access to once you are a member of Club Shutterbug).  We will post our photo in the group and leave comments on other member photos.
  2. We will write one thank you note to someone in our life (past or present) and take a photo to document it, before mailing it.  (These photos can be shared or kept private).

You can choose to do both parts, or only 1.  It is up to you!  Photos will periodically be chosen to be featured on the Club Shutterbug Instagram page, Facebook page, and blog.**